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About Us

- Author Nia V. James -

You know, starting a new career in your forties can be a daunting prospect. But as a mom of four, I felt it was an opportunity to set an example for my kids and to pursue my passion for writing and art. 
        I've been a stay-at-home mom and part-time fitness instructor for the past twenty-four years, but I've always had a love for writing and being creative. I'm drawn to reading,  crafting, art, and journaling. After my children became teenagers and began going off to school, I knew it was time to take the plunge and go after my writing dreams. 
        The first thing I did was create a YouTube channel, where I could share my work and build a platform as a writer and artist. My next  step was to set up a workspace in my home. It was not a perfect setup, but it worked for me. I wrote short stories based on the stories I created for my children, and expanded on story ideas I had from youth.. I also did a lot of research, reading books and articles to help her develop skills to be a better writer. I networked with other writers, asking them questions and learning from their experience. 
        It took a little time but the hard work paid off.  Soon my channel started to grow, and I was hired to do freelance art commissions.
        I hope that my story and journey are an inspiration to anyone who wants to pursue their dreams, no matter their age. I invite you to join me and my writing companion, Loki the Pug, on this creative journey. With hard work, dedication, and a dream anything is possible.

- Vixen Of Fiction and Loki -

I live stream on YouTube and Twitch as Vixen of Fiction.

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